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PUIVERT - The Castle in DVD

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Puivert’s Castle History, Visit, Cinema Making-off

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Constructed in the 12th century by the Congost family, converted to the Cathar faith, Puivert welcomed many artists. During the crusade against the Cathars, Puivert Castle was captured within 3 days. The occupants are said to have escaped via an underground passageway. Thomas de Bruyère, the new Lord of Puivert, then started to construct extensions. Let us now explore a castle that exudes an aura of serenity, harmony and power.

 The 'Old Château', visible from the dungeons, corresponds to the primitive castle from the days of the crusade. Water flowed during mass in a liturgical font, a rare architectural feature. Legend would have that the château hosted an annual poetry and music contest, giving troubadours an opportunity to pit their skills. One room in the château bears witness to this; it features sculptures of musicians with their instruments. Troubadour Peire d’Alvernha wrote: "This song was composed to the sound of bagpipes at Puivert, amidst fun and laughter."

 One said that Dame Blanche - the White Lady- a princess from Aragon who always wore white, lived in the château. She decided to stay there forever and one said that she cried so much due to a broken heart that she caused the level of the lake to rise. The natural damn burst, provoking a natural catastrophe that flushed away everything in the valley and flooded the city of Mirepoix. Puivert Castle is the stuff of dreams and has been used as a film set. 


Tower Porte

Tower du Quayre

Tower Bossue

Tower Gailharde

Donjon Keep

Guard Room

The Chapel

Musicians’ Room






Orgue portatif


Vièle à archet

Cinema Making-off

The 9th Gate / Roman Polanski

La Passion Béatrice / Bertrand Tavernier

Lady Godiva / Wicky Jewson

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Musique originale : OC
Total Running : 13 minutes

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