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Assimil Superpack Occitan new method: 1 book + 5 CD

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Assimil, the specialist for easy language lessons since 1929, presents its new method of Occitan. A first method was performed in the 70's. This new one designed by Nicolas Quint is dedicated to all the ones who love or will love the Oc language. The method is for novice or confirmed people.

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- 100 complete and progressive lessons

- A double lexicon

- Detailed index (grammar and pronunciation)

- 138 exercises and their corrections

- Record total duration 3:45

La langue d'Oc

The Occitan

Occitan is a Romance language spoken in Southern France, but also in Piedmont and Val d'Aran. 

This method gives the opportunity to see different dialects of Occitan language.  The first part is devoted to standard Languedoc, while the second part presents the other Occitan varieties. The recordings were made by speakers of each dialect variety.

• Useful and living dialogues
• A progressivity
• The pronunciation thanks to the audio

Audio example of three lessons
The author is a linguist, an engineer and a research director at C.N.R.S., Nicolas Quint devoted his professional activity in the study and description of various languages quite unknown or minority. He hopes to convert the reader to his passion and fascination for Oc language and Occitan culture.

Occitan Easy collection, Superpack (4 audio CD + 1 CD MP3 CD, 3:45 recordings + 1 book) RECOMMENDED BY GROUP OC Super Pack content (17.7 x 23.5 cm): the book: 17,3 x 11 cm, paperback, flap cover, 700 pages, 4 Audio CD, 1 MP3 CD to use on MP3 player, tablet and smartphone (4 hours of recording).

Example of one page in the book, illustration by Nico.

Single Book on sale available on that link>>>

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