1944, l'été de la liberté

We miss you. Unfortunately, no live performances of Groupe OC, this summer. Anyway, we invite you to the new videomapping show 1944, the summer of freedom show directed by Christian Salès our leader with Groupe OC music.

Inspired by true events, this show immerses you in the secret networks of the Resistance members. In a script in several acts, this show traces the epic journey of a resistant from Béziers, from his entry into hiding until the Liberation.

The breathtaking scenario is built around real events of the Resistance. Our young protagonist symbolizes the army of shadows in its regional dimension. We will follow the sabotage operations, the Fontjun tragedy, the heroic act of Juliette Cauquil during the shooting at Champ de Mars, the Liberation of Béziers ...

The main character has no precise identity, because he represents all the women and men who resisted, convinced that free life, France, had a larger meaning than mere individual existence.

A heroic epic, in Béziers, in 1944.

As a highlight, a final painting connects the crowd of Resistance fighters to the emblematic figure of the hero of the Béziers : Jean Moulin.

An immersive experience in the heart of the Resistance.

Production: CS PROD
Direction, music composition: Christian Salès
Text: Michel Piquemal and Christian Salès

A creation by CS PROD Architectes des imaginaires for the city of Béziers. Free admission. Mask required. Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 10:15 p.m., until August 23, 2020 in Béziers, Place de la Madeleine.

Credits photo : Jean-Joël Rémy, Philippe Benoit, Guilhem Salès.