Vidéo presentation of Groupe OC

They say that troubadours back in the 13th century invented the notion of humanism as we know it today. What if they were also to thank for the notion of universality? That, in any case, is the road along which Christian Salès and the Groupe OC decided to steer their projects. Over the years, projects inspired by their roots - solidly anchored in the soil of Languedoc - gradually flourished beyond the confines of the South of France.

Groupe OC en concert à Rennes-le-Château
Le Groupe OC en concert à Rennes-le-Château, domaine de l'Abbé Saunière.

This group of artists came together in 1999 in Argeliers, a small village in the Minervois region of southern France. At the crossroads of tradition and modernity, they draw on the very depths of their origins to transport audiences into a universe that is both imaginary and mysterious, where the notion of time is dictated purely by the milestones of History.

Christian Salès, compositeur et concepteur de ce projet artistique

"Our music stems from a current interpretation of the memory of Languedoc. It's the kind of music that troubadours would have composed if they had been given contemporary instruments," explains Christian Salès, composer, director and artistic director.   Nine albums (one gold record), five live DVDs, ten documentary DVDs and twenty shows later, Groupe OC has not changed its philosophy:  "authenticity" definitely remains its trademark, "open to the world" its creed. On the strength of research into the development of music - based on ancient instruments combined with modern technologies - the group has made the electro-medieval style a musical genre in a class of its own: "From the very outset, we knew that we had found a universal language," confides Christian Salès.  "Travel all around the globe and very different experiences in Japan, Los Angeles, London and New York, all enabled me to enrich the musical palette at my fingertips.  So many exchanges and connections, piled on top of elements from our past, from our heritage and from our culture, fuel immense creative potential.

A Groupe OC show, here the title : L'Eretge, interpreted by Jo Salès.

This is reflected in the shows that we perform all over - in France and abroad. They attract a very wide audience, drawn both by impressive technology involving projected images and mapping, and by the magic of the music, the sounds and the lights, designed hand in hand with the most talented specialists."
The Albigensian Crusade, the heyday of vineyards and wine, Riquet's dream, the winemakers' revolt of 1907, the mysteries and the legends of Languedoc… are all themes that have stimulated Christian Salès' imagination over the years.  His talent is also highly sought-after for major international events; for example, the group featured on the sound track for Expo 2010 Shanghai China.

OC show at Palais des Rois de Majorque in Perpignan

Insensitive to the siren-call of show business, which can be fickle when times are hard, OC has always remained on track. As a team, it continues to pay vibrant tribute to its origins, arms open wide. Audiences have picked up on that, and flock in ever greater numbers. Such is the price of success…


1992 |Starting up Groupe OC concept
1994 | The first music instruments are made
1995 | The first songs are recorded
1999 | The founder album OC is launched
2001 | First Tour in specific Sites of Memory
2002 | Film thema ARTE and Album “The Cathars”
2003 | Film “Secrets and Legends of the Cathar Country”
2004 | OC show is produced with a spatialized sound
2005 | Film "Carcassonne", the first DVD card is launched
2006 | Show creation"OC - the Mystery of the City" in Carcassonne
2007 | Show creation "OC - 1 9 0 7"
2008 | Show "OC - Riquet's Dream", DVD the Canal du Midi and Album "OC Live"
2009 | Show creation "OC - CATHARS The Crusade Episode I"
2010 | Music collaboration for the night show of Shanghai Wordl Expo
2011 | Show Cathars Episode II "The Occitan Reconquest"
2012 | Album OC wins a Golden Disc Award , Album "Paratge" with the Budapest National Orchestra
2013 | Images projections inside the Castle in the Cité de Carcassonne
2014 | Album OC "Ballade occitane" and show creation about Occitan poets : Nelli, Jasmin
2015 | Shows "The Spirit of Resistance", the "Legend of Lake Capestang"
2016 | New show OC "Lumina"