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DVD Béziers "L'Esprit de Résistance"sound and light show

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Relive at home the magic of Christian Salès 's sound and light show "the Spirit of Resistance", the event played in Béziers in summer 2015 with this DVD completed by 5 thematic documentaries and a booklet.

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This show transforms the facades of buildings in a fantastic world of sound, images and light, is titled " The Spirit of Resistance ." It offers a dive into the great history of France , through the spirit of resistance of Beziers inhabitants : the crusade against the Cathars, Pierre-Paul Riquet ( inventor of the Canal du Midi ) , Casimir Peret, Marcelin Albert and the Revolt of winegrowers and Jean Moulin ... The scenario tells of a child- playing- frees fireflies . These bright and magical creatures will fly and trigger a narrative device , with original music performed by Group OC and the National Orchestra of Budapest. This show , which appeals to dream uses know-how at the cutting edge of technology, such as mapping and design - motion.

Son et lumière Béziers

« Époustouflant de magie et de rêve... » MIDI LIBRE

« Un univers autant onirique qu'historique,
plus qu'un succès, une véritable apothéose » La Semaine du Minervois

SHOW «The Spirit of Resistance» 30 mn
A show created by Christian Salès, a production from Ville de Béziers, summer 2015

Performing structure of "The Spirit of Resistance"

1209 : Beziers inhabitants refused to deliver the Cathars facing the Crusaders
Seventeenth century : Pierre-Paul Riquet resisted facing adversity and facing the critics.
1851 : Casimir Péret resisted in front of the Coup d'état
1907 : Revolt of the winegrowers for a natural wine and mutiny of the army in peacetime
39-45 : Jean Moulin, the hero of the French Resistance , was born in Béziers

in 6 languages

> Béziers, in history 13 mn
Old Bridge, Saint-Aphrodise, Lou Camel, 22 july of 1209, La Madeleine 's Church, Saint-Nazaire 's Cathedral, Cloister and Gardens of the Bishops, The 9 locks of Fonsérannes, Pierre-Paul Riquet, Nineteen century Architecture, Revolt of the winegrowers in 1907, Garden of the Poets, Old Cemetery, Jean Moulin.

> Cathars, The Crusade 25 mn
Animated movie inspired by real thirteenth century illustrations (La Canso)

> Canal du Midi 5 mn
A cruise from Toulouse to Béziers

> The Revolt of winegrowers 10 mn
Historic documentary including unpublished documents

> Vintage photographies 4 mn
Béziers in the old days : les Allées, The Arenas...

12 pages booklet, the full texts of the show are included

Total video duration : 80 minutes

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