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Jean Moulin, Biterrois, Artiste et Résistant (Book + DVD + Digital)

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This book and DVD set about Jean Moulin, produced with the help of his family, invites you to take a fresh look at his life through his personal archives, exclusive documents and a historical show.

Discover a commented family photo album, an exclusive sound & light show directed by Christian Salès in the town of his birth, entitled Jean Moulin: Artist and Member of the French Résistance from Béziers, amazing films from his day and an artistic performance called Jean Moulin’s Dream Life.

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Embarking on a historical and artistic project about Jean Moulin requires deep immersion in the hero’s life: visiting the places where he lived and the museums dedicated to him, devouring books about him, meeting his family, as well as talking about him with friends and family. We quickly realise that Jean Moulin’s name is everywhere - with many streets and schools named after him. Yet few know the artist that lay within, the details of his life, and the major role he played for France. Without him, France would not have been seated at the winners’ table. The country’s destiny would have been turned upside down.

The myriad of books written about him can give the impression that all has been said, written and commented. Paradoxically, however, we noted that such a mass of information tends to hinder our understanding of the man, his ideals and his achievements. Our aim is to tell the tale of Jean Moulin’s life to one and all, using short and concise texts, anecdotes, photographs from the family archives and, harnessing a more original format, through the magic of a stage performance. We strive to go beyond the static image of a symbol of the French Résistance, portraying Jean Moulin in a way that is lively and surprising, intimate and simple.

We wish you a thrilling and moving journey in the footsteps of Jean Moulin, glimpsing the man through the lens of family photographs, his drawings and the tale of his tremendous destiny. We hope that you will be touched to the core, as we were.

Michel Piquemal et Christian Salès
Co-authors of the show Jean Moulin: Artist and Member of the French Résistance


1 - Prologue
2 - Jean Moulin and his family
3 - His youth: between Béziers and the Alpilles in Provence
4 - Jean Moulin: illustrator, painter and artist
5 - Jean Moulin and the French Résistance
6 - The show Jean Moulin: Artist and Member of the French Résistance
7 - Behind the scenes
8 - Timeline


Exclusive sound & light show Jean Moulin: Artist and Member of the
French Résistance 22’
Sound and Light show directed by Christian Salès, produced in Jean Moulin's native town, on the occasion of his 120th birth anniversary.

11 acts : Laure and Jean, The walk of Jean and his sister along Les Allées, Jean Moulin as an illustrator in Paris,
Jean Moulin Prefect, The torture, London Radio , The clandestine action, Jean's letter, The arrest in
Caluire, The Liberation, Jean Moulin's entry in the Panthéon : a french hero.
Subtitles FR + DVD subtitles


1 - Films d’époque de Jean Moulin Original footage of Jean Moulin 1’07
Super-8 images shot by his friend Marcel Bernard.

2 - La vie rêvée de Jean Moulin Jean Moulin’s Dream Life 8’50
This artist performance athlete/pianist was created the occasion of the 120th anniversary of Jean Moulin's birth in Béziers. This very strong relationship of Jean Moulin with painting, music and sport inspired this creation. It takes advantage of this duality present throughout thelife of the French hero, at the same time man engaged in the battles of his time but also an artist, a dreamer in love with beauty and purity.
Athlete-acrobat : Sylvain Dehais - Pianist : Christian Salès - Choregraphy : David Vidal

3 – Chez Jean Moulin dans les Alpilles Jean Moulin’s home in Les Alpilles 2’35
Let's discover château Romanin, at the origin of his artist name, and his little stone house et, called « maset » in provence local dialect, where he wanted to install his painter's studio after the war.

4 - Envers du décor du spectacle Behind the scenes 2’00
The production secrets of the show and particularly filming on a green screen.

Text : French / English

Beau Livre + DVD + DIGITAL HD OFFERT, relié, cousu, hard cover, format : 27 x 24 cm, 128 pages, more than 100 unpublished photos , DVD included + Digital HD sound and light show JEAN MOULIN Biterrois, Artiste et Résistant + 4 bonus : Original footage of Jean Moulin, Jean Moulin’s Dream Life, Jean Moulin’s home in Les Alpilles, Behind the scenes, Original music performed by Les Petits Chanteurs de la Trinité, lGroupe OC, 42 minutes duration, Bilingual FR/EN, Réf. : ECS26, ISBN : 979-1-09351-815-2.

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