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Marcelin Albert’s Memoirs + “OC THE WINEGROWERS” (Book+DVD)

29,00 €

29,00 €

The epic tale of the vineyards of the Languedoc through Marcelin Albert's eyes, with rare vintage pictures illustrations, including the Groupe OC show “OC, the Winegrowers”in DVD.

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The Epic tale of the vineyards

Marcelin Albert has never ceased all his life long to defend a single cause : the culture of wine. Wine and vineyards were the economical and cultural identity of the Languedoc region and then were threatened by finance and fraudsters. Marcelin Albert decided to put an end to this system.

They will be 800 000 indignants marching behind him to protest in Montpellier, causing tax strike and municipalities resignation. Marcelin Albert should not have do it. After being trapped into a dark and mysterious story of a train ticket paid by Clemenceau, Marcelin Albert will never recover, and nobody never will permit him to explain.

Let’s him a chance here to express himself through his memoirs written 100 years ago and edited again thanks to Christian Salès, to tell us his truth. Feel again these exciting wine story events thanks to Marcelin Albert’s Memoirs, illustrated with large format amazing quality vintage pictures.

The Epic tale of the Wine in Languedoc in a spectacular show

This book contains also the show « OC - the Winegrowers » in DVD, telling the epic tale of the Languedoc vineyards from antiquity to the present days, through the events of 1907. Costumes and period texts extracts mixed with modern melodies, projections of historical documents on the walls and original staging contribute to a feeling of back in time travel and bring intense emotion to spectators. Enjoy the true history of Languedoc winemakers with Groupe OC filmed in Argeliers, point of departure of 1907 events.

"Marcelin Albert 's Memoirs"is a rare document

Fine book, inverted pages, bound with dust jacket, 30 x 24 cm, 116 pages richly illustrated in color and black and white, bound in cardboard, 70 minutes DVD including the show “OC – The Winegrowers” + Bonus..

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