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Video contains : Groupe OC participation to Géopoétique MC Solaar's album / Monumental projections in Montpellier / New studio album OC HERITAGE.


Lumina tells about a book, an old grimoire inherited from the Middle Ages containing many secrets ... It is above all the intrigue of the last show of Groupe OC which invites us to plunge into the medieval imagination. Astrology, alchemy, magic and myths are mingled with knowledges. The real and the poetic, the concrete world and the imaginary merge ... The familiar animals join the dragons and the unicorns… And thus lead the dream of men. Groupe OC, inspired by the troubadours, staged this true journey back in time, through modern technologies. Lumina is a huge medieval fresco. It just remains us turning the pages of the book…


Video Cathar heritage

From Lumina show.

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