Group OC and his leader Christian Salès’s aim is to offer the public the feeling of being an integral part of the show. Electronic music and medieval instruments, Occitan texts inspired by Occitan civilization and today's melodies, monumental video projections, local legends immerse the spectator into a singular universe. On stage, the artists play with passion in an enveloping light and poetry decor: memory, modernity and imagination rarely found their meaning as well as during the performances of Groupe OC.

Groupe OC in live

Sound and Light show monumental projections

Son et Lumière projections + mise en lumière

1944, l'été de la liberté (1944, the summer of freedom) in Béziers (34)

1944, l'été de la liverté

Every thursdays, fridays, saturdays and sundays until 23 august 2020.
Place de la Madeleine in Béziers 22h15
Gratuit. All audiences. Face mask compulsory.

  • OC concert HERITAGE

    Groupe OC plunges its audience in an electro-medieval universe where time marks do not exist anymore.
  • Lumina

    Magical moments, with LUMINA Sound and light show. Lumina tells the story of an old grimoire inherited from the Middle Ages and concealing many...
  • Riquet's Dream

    The true story of the Canal du Midi
  • 1907

    A historical epic on the Languedocian vine, from its origins to the present day, going through the events of 1907 for the natural wine.
  • Cathares I (1209)

    The Crusade is the title of the Episode I of a trilogy performed by the Groupe OC. The true history of the Cathars in live.
  • Cathares II (1210-1225)

    The Reconquest represents the Episode II of a trilogy on the Cathars performed by the Groupe OC. The true story of the Cathars in live!
  • Saint-John

    OC SAINT-JOHN is a show telling more about the most magical night of the year with its popular beliefs, the specific Herbs to collect during this...
  • La Canso

    This medieval Sound and Light show LA CANSO highlights the monuments with its illustrations drawn 800 years ago ...
  • Video Mapping

    Monumental images projections with a preliminary architectural study, sound design and visual design by Christian Salès, leader of Groupe OC.