With HERITAGE, Christian Salès and Oc are getting back to the unadulterated roots of Occitan culture. Oc conjures up the richness of the troubadour repertoire from the Middle Ages. Electronics are placed at the service of acoustic instruments, whilst melodies are tailored to the original meaning of the lyrics, making historical and literary sense. Christian Salès's intentionally personal approach, coloured by the scholarly works of Anne Brenon, takes him further on his quest for authenticity, delving even deeper into his roots: Occitania and its culture.

Show with monumental projections.

Memory, modernity and imaginary are the key words to define Groupe OC and Christian Salès, its leader. Each performance of Groupe OC plunges its audience to the heart of its universe inspired by the Occitan civilization. Sincerity and passion have led the success of their first album crowned recently by a Golden Disc Award.

Groupe OC imaginary universe is cleverly staged with Occitan songs, electronic music, legends, mystery, the dreams of people of Languedoc and monumental images projected in the background. Faithful to the occitan memory and history, Groupe OC re-manufactured identically the instruments of the troubadours (the Organistrum, ancestor of the hurdy-gurdy, the Cistre, a sort of Luth ...) But they also created modern and original instruments. Come and immerse yourself during one hour, in the Groupe OC’s world, at the heart of Occitania....

Groupe OC chose to re-produce identically the music instruments used by the troubadours associated with modern sounds, because this is important to them to restore the testimony of the past, their roots in their creations. Ancient and traditional music instruments, medieval and today percussion marry together to give to the Middle Ages songs a mysterious atmosphere.

City of Carcassonne Theater (100.000 spectators), NASA and ISS (International Space Station) Show, Shanghai World Expo Night Sound and Light Show, Brussels Congress Centre, Lyon Bourse du Travail Theatre, Paris-Sceaux Garden inauguration show, European Tour in France, Italy and Spain.

Duration : 1h15

 Groupe OC show