Video Mapping

Thanks to its experience since 1999, the Group OC is specialized in design and implementation of cultural contents and shows related to heritage and history. In a perpetually changing world, this shows are written with rigor and poetry. The only goal is to touch the soul and heart of the audience. Christian Salès, founder of the Groupe OC and his production company CS PROD, is actively involved in the design and staging of each production, both as a visual and sound composer. Our teams make every efforts to ensure the success of the event.

Live show and hybrid videomapping Groupe OC + CS PROD.

The most important is to feel the public to vibrate, to marvels not because of the techniques or the machines used but thanks to the stories full of poetry. It is only the content, and of it alone, that will be able to truly provide the emotion.

In the same way that there is not a single type of cinema, but many currents, many genres that are born after a time of tries and mastery of techniques. Multimedia scenographies are also today only a process in which the field of the possibilities becomes infinite through the overflowing imagination of the creators.

"Magnifique, époustouflant de magie et de rêve..." MIDI LIBRE

Different examples of Mapping video already performed in Narbonne (11) inauguration des Barques, Capestang (34) inspired by paintings of the medieval ceilings of the castle, Béziers (34) Theatre of the city , Bordeaux Pessac (33) Castle, City of Carcassonne (11) Theatre of the city.