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Il était une foi MONTSÉGUR (Book)

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With his book “Once Upon a faith in Montsegur” Jean-Louis Gasc the author but also photographer and a conference-guide for the National Monuments Centre invites you to share the daily life and the struggle of men and women until their last breath in Montségur.

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Montsegur ! Commonly named « the pog » due to this peak that rises, above the limestone cliffs. Montsegur is a white castle, as a challenge to heaven. It is here, at the foot of the pog, at the dawn of the last morning, that over two hundred good men and good women " the Cathars" were burnt alive on March 16, 1244 because of their faith.

To listen to the first chapter of audio book :

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Our aim is to revive the oral tradition of the troubadours of the Middle Ages who told epic stories playing music. Audio book available to download on paper book version and also available on CD Digipack Deluxe. You will realize that this audio book format is suitable for "Once Upon a Faith in MONTSEGUR", a poetic work, sensitive and full of emotions.

Jean-Louis Gasc at the feet of Montsegur mount.

Texts by Jean-Louis Gasc
Texts read by Virginie Camerling and Christian Salès

Musics extracts from the Occitan Symphony album « Paratge » CD MP3 - Presentation Digipack "deluxe" - duration 2:40 - 21 chapters.


02-The path of Arpaïx 11’12
03-The path of Azalaïs 10’40
04-The path of Montferrier 6’40
05-The Cathars 7’40
06-The foundation of Montsegur 8’12
07-The Crusade 3’48
08-The years of war 15’32
09-The refuge 9’32
10-The arrest of Jean Cambiaire 3’28
11-Heresy in daily life 9’08
12-Pierre-Roger de Mirepoix 4’20
13-The Inquisition 3’28
14-The words 6’48
15-The revolt against the Inquisition 14’16
16-The way back home 5’56
17-The siege of Montsegur 9’44
18-The Rock Tower capture 9’20
19-The surrender and ceasefire 6’12
20-At the Stake 7’20
21-Epilogue 6’10

Art book, size 19 x 26 cm, 80 colored pages richly illustrated, hard cover, audio book to download included. Audio book available on CD Digipack Deluxe version >>>

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