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The route of the beggars by Léon Cordes (novel)

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"The route of the beggars" is the first edition of the novel written by Léon Cordes in 1948. The manuscript, unpublished, was found by her daughter Magali, in 2016

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The first edition of this novel by Léon Cordes

Léon CordesThe very straight road cuts the Mediterranean plain in two, from Cabezac and its edge of olive trees, to the bridge of the Canal du Midi. Vineyards, vines yet, whose the last waves climb an amphitheater of balmy scrubland where Argeliers is located.
It was there, in 1907, that the biggest popular uprising,that the region has known, burst on the initiative of a poor cafe owner.

Léon Cordes met the humble but wise men who knew how to oppose a quiet but unwavering determination facing Clemenceau's claws. The author skillfully intertwines political and amorous intrigues with great humanity and a historical truth fully respected.

The reader will enjoy the atmosphere of the villages in the south of France in the time of Marcelin Albert, where the soul of the winemaker people is revealed. An authentic novel.

Preface and historical notes: Rémy Pech.

Marcelin Albert's Café in Argeliers.

12 chapters, terms and expressions in Languedoc translated in the text, map of the territory of the novel, size: 14.8 x 21 cm, softcover, Ref. : ECS23, ISBN: 979-1-09351-812-1, 256 pages.


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